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I, Adriaan van Veldhuizen (1988), am a CG artist currently located in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and I specialize in 3D animation, post production for broadcast/film and creation of gaming assets for mobile, desktop and VR application. With a history in product design I have developed a love for sketching and digital painting.


Usually you can contact me for all your 3D needs, but at the moment I'm working on a couple of long term projects that keep me fully occupied this year.


Floris Kaayk - collaboration in media art projects

Radio Veronica - 3D visual identity and TV commercials

Sköda - VR dealership environment / assets i.c.w. Moyosa

Identicals - motion tracking / post production feature film

ABS - 3D logo design

Unclaimed - Concept and asset creation for a 3D video game

Atos - several 3D animations about data related services

Nuon - many 3D animations about energy management

Philips - flash based web game

Fontys Hogescholen - 2.5D animations

Duinrell - new 3D logo animation

United Energy Works - 3D animation for Vattenfall

Van Bommel - 3D animation royal shoe producer

Bruynzeel - flash based web game launched during the EC

NIBC - 3D camera tracking and compositing TV commercial

Hotel Rebel - several 3D graphics

TTA - augmented reality with 3D animation

Samsung - compositing for TV commercial

NRW - 3D animations prestigieus awards

Deelgemeente Overschie - several 3D animations

Gemeente Heerlen - city planning animation for BGSV

Kruidvat - internal business movie

UCK - 3D poster design

Humanitas - DOP assist Red camera TV commercial

4000 Steps - storyboarding for short film

ShoesMe - 3D animated commercials

Stichting Vakbekwaamheid Horeca - 3D TV commercials


Aviodrome - 3D titles and historical airplane creation "Skymania"

Sky Radio - 3D visual identity and several TV commercials

Kici Foundation - 3D animation for clothing charity organisation

Classic FM - Cinema commercial

Enevate - 3D animation promoting electric driving

Het Grote Tour Spel - intro animation for TV show VPRO

Kunststof TV - leader for art TV show NTR

Automotive Technology Centre - 3D animation for Aerorider

Schonenberg Horen - 3D animation on client information

N-Secure - motion tracking, 3D animation and compositing

City Horen - 3D animated TV commercial

Provincie Noord-Brabant - 3D animation promoting EV's

Provincie Limburg - 3D animation on large scale energy storage

Popunie - movies for musical competition

Convoi Exceptional - documentary about a band in New York

Saniwall - 3D animations and product rendering for Tetec

Top Sector Energie - 3D animation about clean energy

Kremer Collection - VR exhibition area / detailed paintings

Dinotec - several 3D animations and water simulations

VEWIN - several animations about drinking water

Krachtenbundel JIP - business animation

Fagron - 3D animations for pharmaceutical company

Peugeot - 3D printed scale model car in conjunction with PSA

qKey - 3D animation about smart keys

Rizz - 3D animations and product rendering

Alta - several 3D graphics

Port of Rotterdam - 3D animations about marine waste


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